Is Pony hair leather made from real ponies?

Is Pony hair leather made from real ponies?

Introducing Crystalyn Kae Ponyhair: truly unlike any other leather you’ve ever seen. It is unique, responsible, and sustainable: the perfect combination of style and substance.

Where most leathers have been processed to strip away the fur, this ponyhair is harvested directly from the hide, sparing both time and effort while maintaining a genuine feeling. Not only is it an efficient way of utilizing hides that may be discarded otherwise – it’s also the more ethical choice for animal lovers everywhere. Plus, we at Crystalyn Kae double-down on our sustainable use of leather, by sourcing these materials from a non-profit company who rescues this leather from larger designers in New York's Garment center.
This exceptionally luxurious leather takes sustainable fashion to the next level.

This ponyhair has a look like no other. With its dazzling colors, subtle textures, and luxurious feel you won’t find anything quite like it on the market today. So express your individuality with our Crystalyn Kae Ponyhair collection and let your style speak for itself!

Why is it called 'pony hair' if it's not made from ponies?  

Pony hair is a term used for leather that comes from cow hide:  when the coarse long hair is shaved shorter to expose the soft under-fur: it so it feels like a soft pony. (This material may also be called Pony Hair leather, Pony Fur, Haircalf, Calf-Hair, Hair-on-Hide, or Hair-on-leather.)   




Is Pony Hair leather sustainable?

As sustainability plays a huge role at Crystalyn Kae, all of our Pony hair leather is rescued from FabScrap, which is a non-profit that takes back leather from major design houses in New York and then re-sells it to designers like Crystalyn. Our design team uses quality craftsmanship to make clever use of small hides of leather, which larger companies would waste. 

Pony hair fabric

How much processing does Pony hair need?

Before high-end purses are created, typically the cow hides are shaved at the tannery to give the shortened look and softness of pony hair. Then it is painted using a stencil to make it look like a certain pattern.  

We design accessories for creative people who want a high-quality, artisan product that tells a story.

Giraffe Ponyhair


Why do we need to process leather?

Nearly all leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. Without leather production there would be catastrophic environment pollution as a result of the disposal of vast quantities of animal hide. And something to keep in mind with any of our leathers is that over time we have developed this unrealistic expectation that leather is always flawless and perfect. And we kind of lose touch with the fact that it's actually a natural material with wrinkles and scars and bug bites. If you want something that looks really perfect and pristine, either you're going to pay thousands of dollars for it. Cause it was a cow that was raised for skin and that's it. Or it's a corrected grain, which means it was sanded, painted, or coated to hide the imperfections. So also for luxury handbags, it's good to celebrate just the natural stretch marks and qualities that are in the leather and make it softer and nicer over time. 

How to care for products from Pony hair leather?

Pony hair hide will shed eventually like anything will start to wear out, but what you might not realize is that hair-on-hide is naturally water resistant. Water will just shed off the top of it, like it would on an animal. Here are a few tips to make your bag last as long as possible:

  • Protect your ponyhair bag from extremes of heat and cold, and away from prolonged sunlight.
  • If the worse happens and it catches spots or gets dirty you should clean it with a damp cloth or a soft brush. Remember to always work in the direction of the grain and never brush the fur back and forth.
  • Brush your bag regularly.  it prevents a build-up of dirt and the consequent matting, but remember do keep it gentle!
  • Do NOT WASH a Pony Hair item because this will dry out the hide and cause cracking.

Designer Crystalyn Kae says the main thing she loves about Pony Hair items is that petting it feels like petting a nice and soft animal. 

Invest in something, beautiful and unique that will be durable and eco-friendly.  

Ponyhair leather


Which bags are made from Pony hair material?

Limited-edition bags that we design at Crystalyn Kae are highly versatile and durable, we keep the focus on making handbags beautiful, practical, and perfect for everyday use. In our opinion that's the formula for creating best handbags. Here are some of our sustainable handbags, small-batch bags and accessories created using pony hair.  To keep bag making sustainable, all of Crystalyn Kae handmade bags are handmade in in-house workshops in the USA in small batches.

Pony hair fabric
Pony hair fabric
Mini Troubadour from Pony hair

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