The road to New York Fashion week is not glamorous

The road to New York Fashion week is not glamorous

Oh, is it almost midnight? This is becoming an obligatory routine: wait till the workshop clears around 5pm. Then sew all night.  Someday I hope I laugh about this. Because right now all I want to do is cry.

Here in the heart of NYC, late nights are the norm, but tonight feels different. Every stitch, every late-night coffee fueled decision, is building towards a dream: showcasing my designs at New York Fashion Week for the very first time.

This journey wasn't always glamorous. It began with a fresh start, a cross-country move to NYC after a divorce. Rebuilding my life and my business from scratch has been a test of grit and determination. The late nights, once filled with uncertainty, are now imbued with a new meaning - the pursuit of a lifelong dream.

Sure, there are moments of exhaustion, where the dream seems miles away. But then I see a sketch come to life on the fabric, the perfect drape of a garment, and the spark reignites. These late nights are the seeds I'm planting, the foundation for a future where my designs grace the runway.

This journey isn't just about me; it's for all the dreamers starting anew. It's a testament to the resilience it takes to pick yourself up and chase a passion, even when it means late nights and early mornings. Participating in New York Fashion Week is not just a destination, it's a symbol of that journey.

The road to the runway may not be paved with diamonds, but it's stitched with dedication, fueled by endless cups of coffee, and ultimately, the unwavering belief in a dream. So, I'll keep sewing, keep hustling, and keep dreaming – because the lights of the runway are calling, and I'm ready to answer.


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