Doing the wholesale market OUR way

Doing the wholesale market OUR way

This season, we took a bold choice to NOT pay thousands of dollars for a booth amongst thousands of other vendors - and instead book a showroom within walking distance of where the trade show was being held. We offered it as an alternative for our stores to escape the din of trade show lighting, which also allowed us to have more control over creating an experience that is more personal and relaxed  (vs. fast paced and transactional.) 

crystalyn kae showroom in the Garment Center

(I wish I could say our temporary showroom stayed this perfect-looking all day...but a disheveled showroom is a great problem to have.)


close up of bag linings at crystalyn kae


Day 1 was a flurry of ins and outs, but two of my FAVORITE shop owners (shout out to @presentsofmind and @hudsonclothierny ) came by today and stayed for at *least an hour to chat... which never could have happened if we were under the buzzing green lights of a convention center.  It was reaffirming that relationships 💕 are more valuable than commerce.

owner of presents of mind, Seasons with Crystalyn in her showroom


The priceless chance to 💡 brainstorm together and play with new fabrications that are totally freaking new and fresh. ✂️ (And believe me, there was one unlikely print in particular that I’m truly shocked that I liked...but I’m now obsessed with. But that’s all I can say for now. Wink wink).


fabric swatches for handbags




leather card cases by crystalyn kae

Finding beauty and simplicity in the finest of details. ..Each of these leather card cases were leather swatches that were rescued by FabScrap, hand-picked (and sewn) by yours truly, just in time for this weeks showroom during market week. 


a table of limited edition bags at crystalyn kae showroom

Im not gonna lie - it was a long 3 days!  But I also didn't expect the experience to be so exhilarating:  I just saw it as a refreshing alternative to doing the Trade Show grind. So now, I don't think I could do it any other way. I will definitely go this route again in August. Maybe with a few designers so we can pool our resources?  DM me.  I'm up for a revolution. 


p.s. Thank you @fitdenyc for the gorgeous space. Let's do this again soon?



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