6 ways you can support small businesses this holiday season and beyond

6 ways you can support small businesses this holiday season and beyond

  1. Interact with us on on social media: Write a comment on my Facebook posts, and share my Instagram stories.  Not only is it fun to engage with you there, but your comments and views help my business get seen by a larger audience. (Here's how to make sure you'll see all my Instagram posts and live events .)
  2. Write a review for my business on Google,  or for my products on Amazon Handmade
  3. Share this "Handmade Gifts Under $25 Guide" with your friends on social media posts. (Particularly if you're participating in a "secret sister gift exchange" on Facebook.) 
  4. Support your local boutique. Shop in-person at a store that carries my bags.  Small boutiques have had the hardest time this year, and could use your love now more than ever. (Please tell them I sent you!)
  5. Shop a virtual holiday show:  the silver lining from all the social distancing measures is that some of my favorite holiday craft fairs have gone virtual, so you can discover new artists from the comfort of your couch. 


And lastly, if you're in a position to do so:


8. Please shop my website early!  Deliveries will take longer than expected.  And I will run out of bags.  (It's just me here in my workshop, with only Franny to help me, so once something runs out, that's it.) p.s. FREE SHIPPING on all orders starting now until December 15.  

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