‘No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This”: Indie Fixx

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Indie Fixx


I love this bag from Crystalyn Kae and I must own one. I realize that I have approximately 12,001 other bags, but I just need to add this one to my collection. It would be so perfect this fall, which I am so ready for already, with jeans and a cute blazer. It also is large enough to stow away a book, which is a requirement in a bag for me, and looks like it would be so practical as your running errands bag.

Plus, although it has a great leather look, it is not made from leather. I know, I couldn’t believe it when I read about it myself, but most of the Crystalyn Kae bags are made from glazed fabric, which is created by coating upholstery-grade fabric with a colored glaze, so no animals were harmed in the makin’ of this bag.

There are other styles like the Topstitch Hobos and the Pleated Clutches, but I like the Troubadour Tote best.



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