‘More than Just a Reusable Bag’ – CT Green Scene

‘More than Just a Reusable Bag’ – CT Green Scene

Crystalyn Kae was recently featured in an article in CT Green Scene.

“Looking for that classy little clutch or a funky Hobo? Look no further for your eco-chic handbag. There are some great shops online that have made the old new again.

In nearby Seattle, Crystalyn Kokorowski reuses vintage fabrics or materials with a very low impact on the environment every day. Kokorowski’s company, Crystalyn Kae, makes handbags with faux leather, vintage fabrics from eBay or Etsy, and even washable tweed.

I draft my own handbag patterns to eliminate waste, source the best available materials with the least impact, and try to incorporate recycled or vintage fabrics whenever I can, said Kokorowski. Most of my customers appreciate that with so many fabrics and colors to choose from, that their Crystalyn Kae bag is unlike any other designer handbag.

She added that her company also tries to be eco-friendly in other ways. For one, they have no company car. They use a car-share program to transport supplies and hand-deliver to local stores. But when it comes to her bags, she wants her creations to have staying power.

A major factor of sustainability is the lifespan of a product and it’s ease of care. My customers often comment on how well the bags hold up over time, she said. I certainly have a solid following from the vegan community, but I would like to think that my designs attract customers who want an attractive, well-made purse that isn’t trendy. I think eco-friendly is the icing on the cake.

I think that the trend of the ‘it’ bag is beginning to fade away, Kokorowski said in a recent e-mail. Customers are paying more attention to the value of investing in a bag that will be truly useful for their everyday lives and isn’t a logo-encrusted bag that everyone and their dog has.

But thats what makes these handbags so nifty. Manufactured with recycled fabrics has no further impact on the environment. Its the ultimate in green. And for handbags, green really is the new black.”


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