a photographer’s search for the perfect camera bag

picture-13I recently got a note from LA-based photographer, Liz Kuball, who wanted to let me know how perfect her Soiree bag is for a camera bag!  So perfect in fact, that she blogged about it!

Photographers’ search for the perfect bag is legendary. The bag I carry with me every day, the one I keep my camera in everywhere I go, is a purse handmade by Crystalyn Kae Kokorowski in Seattle, Washington. It’s my one-size-fits-all bag. It holds all my typical purse stuff , plus a book and my Canon 5D with a lens. And there’s room to spare—The whole thing is incredibly durable. And my camera is always safe and sound inside. If you’re looking for a good purse/camera bag, you can’t go wrong with the Soirée Messenger Bag.


  Check out her blog here. It is an incredibly enjoyable read . . . not just for  those who love great photography.

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