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whoa.  2009 has flown by!  I am relieved to start a new year with a fresh start.  Once we got my studio set up, I don’t think I’ve come up for air since.  This holiday season I felt like I was on a hamster wheel: processing orders, sewing bags, shipping them. Lather, rinse repeat.  And now it’s the New Year, and I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping. (i know, am a bad person.)

But the worst part is, I am so focused on my never-ending ‘to-do’ list, that I rarely slow down enough to appreciate the amazing little things that happen every day.   Over the Christmas break I became inspired by Blogging your Passion, which encouraged us to state our ‘mission’ for our blogs.  It was intimidating at first, but I kept coming back to my desire to value my everyday experiences – and be able to share them with my customers and friends.

So here are my 2 goals for 2010 to help me appreciate the beauty of everyday:

Photo a Day – every day I will take a photo of a moments that I find special

Creative Friday – this actually a resolution started ages ago, but had fallen to the wayside with house hunting and moving.  Creative Friday is the day that I allow myself total creative freedom – usually it is a chance to try out new ideas and experiment with new leather scraps for bags.  I really miss making one of a kind handbag designs and Fridays will be dedicated to doing only that!

By doing each of these things, I will hopefully become a better blogger.  I would really like my blog to become a ‘community’. . .and I would love to hear from you!

What are ways that YOU appreciate the everyday?


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