the best vintage shopping in Seattle

the best vintage shopping in Seattle

The weather in Seattle this weekend was a stark contrast to last weekend‘s rainy blusteryness.  It has  been sunny, mild and glorious for a few days now.  You see, Capitol Hill is my absolute favorite place in Seattle to shop for vintage clothing in Seattle.  But it takes patience and dedication to find just the right vintage clothes to add to your wardrobe – and it’s a rare occasion that I have a few free hours to shop for ME!, not for the vintage fabrics that I incorporate into my handbag designs!

My first stop is visiting the always fantastic and helpful proprietress Anna Banana at Pretty Parlor on Capital Hill.  By the end of the afternoon, my diligence paid off.  I purchased three vintage dresses, a pair of black wedge boots, and a fun pair of rather lady-like navy blue gloves for under $100.   Added bonus – I gained bit of a pink glow to my sun-starved Seattle skin.


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