the endless possibilities of New York City

the endless possibilities of New York City

I have a longstanding love affair with New York City. My first visit was during college as a fashion study tour, and even though I have returned several times since then, I am always amazed by the new things I discover.   Our most recent trip to New York was to celebrate a cousin‘s wedding – where we managed to explore, celebrate, eat amazing food and visit a few of ‘my’ stores too!  New York is inspiration overload:  architecture, exuberant fashion and the magical feeling that anything is possible.  Alas, four days wasn’t nearly enough time to get my fix, but I managed to capture a few personal favorite elements to savor for a while.

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1. cousins_centralpark, 2. flower vendor, 3. night view from Matt & Nicole’s rooftop, 4. Birthday Beer at Brass Monkey, 5. taxi queue, 6. Grand Central Station , 7. Central Park lamp and blossoms, 8. it’s like finding an old friend., 9. Susan’s tree tote, 10. Tony & Tina’s Wedding Cake, 11.Brooklyn Bridge, 12. cutest ‘graffiti’ ever, 13. dancing girl’s shoes


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