cigar box purses are not my ‘bag’ . . .

cigar box purses are not my ‘bag’ . . .


But, when the folks at Seattle Children’s Hospital enlisted my help to turn a cigar box into a purse for  their fundraiser, I decided to make an exception for this good cause.  My problem with most cigar box purses, is that they are cumbersome and lack functionality.  I wanted to see if I could change that.

I chose this box for the sturdy pine frame and ornate floral decals at the edges. Then I fashioned a padded front with my signature pleats.  The biggest hurdle was getting the gusseted lining and zipper pocket to fit inside. . .all while wearing my finger splint.  The finishing touch was using my trusty Dremel tool to set holes for handle rivets, purse feet, and magnetic closures.

Truth be told,  I actually enjoyed the challenge of working with tools I haven’t used since high school wood shop.  But don’t get too excited for any more cigar box purses from me . . . I think I’ll stick to my sewing machine!


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