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why mess with a good thing?

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I’ve been making the Metier tote since 2005 – and it has become one of my absolute best-sellers.  It has recieved tons of press, including InStyle Magazine and even featured in a movie. But after 6 years making the same bag, I felt it was time to mix things up a little.  As you may have noticed, I have a big love of  florals and prints – and along the way I’ve collected fabrics with large motifs that would lend themselves to a large expanse of space, instead of being tucked inside a pleat.

So, today I’m introducing my newest collection of Metier totes – with all the amazing functionality of the original, plus more!  Featuring longer straps and additional inner pockets – these little beauties (if i do say so myself) are extremely limited-edition. . .many are only two or three of a kind.  So snag your favorite today. . .and if you’re still smitten by the original tote – don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere!


I thought you might enjoy some photos Metier totes in progress. . . .and a sneak peek at one of my newest 'helpers'.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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