How Saturday Sewing Sessions Pay Off big in a shared studio

How Saturday Sewing Sessions Pay Off big in a shared studio

Sure, it’s Saturday. But these bags aren’t gonna make themselves. But I'm not complaining: now I have a real studio to work in, with real industrial sewing machines. Vintage ones. . .like this Singer 241. And if I'm being really honest, sometimes I prefer coming in on Saturdays to avoid the weekday hustle and bustle of designers coming in and out with their patterns, materials, and phone conversations. So grateful that there's a place for small designers to make it big in NYC. 

UPDATE: Sadly Manufacture NY Garment Center Pilot Program closed in 2016 but I will be forever grateful for the camraderie of fellow designers to get my brand established in New York. I unearthed some old photos from Manufacture NY opening weekend circa 2013 and thought I should save them here for posterity.  💔 

crystalyn kae, kelly bahash (kelokabay), and Christina Leidtke (christiana j paul)

Crystalyn Kae, Kelly Bahash (Kelokabay), and Christina Leidke (Christiana J Paul and Astouri)

tati (nualime) and Saba Gray

Tati Saroudi (Nualime) and Saba Gray

Najva Sol and Nicole Vaunt of Vaunt & Sol

Najva Sol and Nicole Vaunt (Vaunt & Sol)

Iuri and Katherine Kulenty (kasia Kulenty)

Iuri Shubladze (Iuri) and Katherine Kulenty (Kasia Kulenty)

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