15 ways to stay productive (and calm) during the Covid 19 outbreak

15 ways to stay productive (and calm) during the Covid 19 outbreak

Yes, we're having the shelf raid panics, and folks are donning face masks, and the restaurants and bars have closed, but the city is allowing take out orders. . .including cocktails.  Plus you can't beat the entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers, last evening, an ice cream truck came through our neighborhood.  


We've been carefully following protocol but have also found ways to get out into nature (safely 6 feet away from others) and get some vitamin D. 

verrazano bridge in staten island


Business wise, I'm grateful that I'm not dealing with cancelled shows and events, but I didn't expect it to be so eerily quiet on my website.  So in lieu of bags to make and orders to ship:  I've trying to keep my anxiety at bay thru experimenting with new materials like a tire (!), vintage leather jackets, and even some selvedge fringe left over from my old studio mate.  


selvedge fringe upcycled material

At home I've been trying to teach our dog, Franny to roll over, but haven't had much success: (If anyone has tips on how to get a dog who sploots to roll over, email me!).  


dog sploot frog legs

As we all face the reality of WFH and stay-in-place measures, I started a list for myself that I'd like to share with you to help keep our nerves at bay and make the most of this uncertain time. 

If you love animals:

1. teach your dog a new trick
2. foster an animal - you're gonna be home a while!
3. build chic cat furniture in your house

Learn a new skill:
4. Try a new recipe with ingredients you already have (mmmmm, focaccia bread!)
5. Learn how to play chess
6. Mend a hole in your jeans (try my studio-mates cute kit!) or experiment with a new craft idea

    Clean our your closet:

    7. List the quality clothes and bags you don't need on Poshmark ( and if you come across an old leather jacket you can't bear to part with, but you'd like me to turn into a purse, email me!)

    8. If it's not re-sellable, or you *think* it's not worthy of donation, and have the urge to throw it away, think again! Read why you should donate ALL of your unwanted clothes even hole-y underwear.

    9. Wash your handbags. Here's how >

    Organize your photos on your phone:

    10. create folders of your favorites to (finally) print out
    11. make a Google list of favorite places in your city (here's our NYC list!) to share with visitors. And while you're at it, write a Google review for that business: word of mouth is gold!


      And speaking of: support a local business! Even if you can't spend money right now, you can spread the love for free:

      12. Follow and comment on their Instagram or Facebook
      13. Share your favorite business with your friends: an IG story, or tag them in a photo of you wearing/eating/using their product
      14. Pin some of your favorite products to your Pinterest board
      15. Write a Google review - this helps them rank higher on search engines
      I'd love to hear from you! What creative ways are you staying busy and keeping calm? Please add your comments below!


        • Jane

          Breaking in my new boots by wearing them around the house!

        • Momma GLass

          Crystalyn, I so enjoyed this posting. I now know more about how you and David spend your time. I didn’t know Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment was a place! And that Franny…sitting is not in her doggie description 🐶🥰

        • Jennifer Harpel Salazar

          Thanks for the tips Crystalyn! Stay safe!

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