preparations for my first Renegade New York as a New Yorker

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Well, I was accepted to my first Brooklyn Renegade as a New Yorker - but with most of my studio supplies and materials still in Seattle, I had to act fast.  While shopping for fabrics the other day, I found the perfect vintage sewing machine that will be an absolute workhorse for me until my industrial machine is delivered this fall! 

In a ramshackle storefront on the Lower East side, I found some gorgeous dead-stock silk (intended to make men's ties), but I'm giving them a feminine twist! I"m turning these vintage fabrics into flower pins and pillows for my booth.

I'm not sure why I do this, but I get very OCD about my booth displays, often at the 11th hour before the show.  This time, I got the whim to tea-stain my hang tags.  Because: Brooklyn!

In a final stroke of madness, I decided to re-cover the vintage folding chairs in my tiny East Village apartment with the same silk fabric!


tea stained hang tags



Had to buy a few plants to liven up my booth corners. Bonus benefit - they'll add extra weight to my tent if it gets windy!  Had to take a quick selfie in the cab on the way to the show.

 crystalyn selfie in cab on the way to renegade brooklyn

brooklyn renegade booth 2013 crystalyn kae pillows

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