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I have been lucky enough to have my designs mentioned twice in the last two weeks on the Bag Lady blog:

“I can see Crystalyn Kae going far. It won’t be long before one of her funky ribbon trimmed hobo bags appears on the arm of a celeb and then we’ll all want one. So remember kids, you saw it here first, and now is the time to snap them up before a couple of zero’s get added to the price.” Read the rest of the article here.

“Crystalyn is an ex-Liberty internee with an apparel and merchandising degree. Her signature o-ring hobo is already turning heads (shown above is the topstitched ‘foxtrot medium’ in emerald green) while her boxy shoulder bags look set to do the same (‘metier square shopper’ in port wine). If you like to be in the know before anyone else, getting your hands on one of these is so much more imaginative than buying a logo-encrusted designer piece.” Read the rest of the article here.


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