Cool Mom Picks – Bag of the Year (With the Story to Back it Up)

Cool Mom Picks – Bag of the Year (With the Story to Back it Up)



“Here’s how much we love the bags from Crystalyn Kae:

I emailed designer Crystalyn Kae about ordering one of her gorgeous Soirée Drawstring Bags for myself, and then one for my co-editor Kristen as a holiday gift. Simultaneously, Kristen was ordering one for herself…and one for me. And rats, she beat me to it.

So now I’m stuck without a gift idea for Kristen yet, but whoooo! I do have a beautiful bag to look forward to! 

You will know in two seconds of clicking over why we both fell in love with the Soirée. It has such unique styling –  shiny faux leather accented with vertical pleats of vintage fabrics. Each bag really is one or few-of-a-kind.

But Crystalyn’s other handbag styles are just as amazing – I love the Monarch Hobo for everyday wear, but moms with 8 tons to haul around should definitely check out the Métier Shopper and Troubadour Tote. Whether or not you’re into the leather-free look as a matter of principle, what’s especially nice about the material is that it keeps the larger bags lightweight.

All I can say is, if you see one you like, snap it up now before someone else does. Unless you’re lucky. And that person your friend. Buying the bag for you.” -Liz


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