farewell to Stone Way

my sewing nook at our Stone Way apartment

my sewing nook at our Stone Way apartment

After 3 1/2 years, in our itty 1 bedroom apartment – my husband and I are moving to a bigger space.  To our first home, in fact!  Although it is incredibly exciting to be homeowners, I can’t help but feel a bit wistful and nostalgic.  Living in the Wallingford/Fremont neighbhorhood was such an adventure and I will truly miss the incredible view of the city from our rooftop.

By closing my store in 2006 and and focusing on design, the Stone Way apartment was my chance to re-invent how I did business.  Instead of investing time being the shopgirl and doing window displays, I immersed myself in sewing and pattern making like never before.  I truly fell in love with the process. And it worked!  Aaron was able to quit his job and join me full time.

I will miss my rooftop garden, the spiral staircase, and being a mere few blocks from Blue Star – the best breakfast in Seattle.  But, I have a feeling that our new house will be even better. We’ll have more space and a great new neighborhood to call home!  Phinney Ridge, here we come!

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