Crystalyn’s first encounter with the magic of unconventional style was with her grandfather Jack. Dressed to the nines with his own odd flair for fashion, mixing red plaid with yellow argyle, Jack’s choices were often mocked. Crystalyn, a kindred soul, took the time to grasp her grandfather’s unique style.


Crystalyn sews her very first bag in 7th grade Home Ec class. The class assignment was to make pajama pants. Always the overachiever: she made a black nylon duffel with zipper closure and contrasting hot-pink straps.


Crystalyn discovers a warehouse stash those same plaid 'Grandpa Jack' golf pants and is inspired to make a batch of purses with this unconventional material.


Long before Etsy was invented: Crystalyn launches her website and opens a boutique in Seattle's Greenlake neighborhood, showcasing her designs alongside other goods by Pacific Northwest artisans. (She lived and worked in the back of her store until 2007!)


Crystalyn hits the road, traveling to San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, selling her designs to local boutiques and exhibiting at craft fairs.


After 12 years in Seattle, Crystalyn moved her company to New York, where she was awarded a Venture Fellowship at Brooklyn's Fashion Design Accelerator.

Lifetime Guarantee for Handbags

These days it's hard to find anything that last forever, but we stand by our work(wo)manship and offer a limited lifetime guarantee: we will repair or replace your bag free of charge within the first year of your purchase if any defect is found. 

After one year, for a small fee, we will replace or repair hardware, straps, and zippers for the life of your Crystalyn Kae bag.

We will repair straps to your shoulder bags, zippers that have been overstuffed, linings that have ripped or stained, (or if something else needs attention that's NOT on the list - get in touch. We are happy to help!)

We applaud you for choosing an option that is kinder for the planet.