Handbag Lifetime Guarantee

we offer repairs for the lifetime of your bag


At Crystalyn Kae, we believe in timeless design and quality work(wo)manship.  We want to make bags so durable that you'll pass them on to your daughter.

We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all our handbags, totes and small accessories.  For the first year, we will repair or replace your bag free of charge if any defect is found. 

Then, for the rest of your bag's life, we will replace or repair hardware, strapszippers and pleats for a small fee.

We will repair straps to your shoulder bags, zippers that have been overstuffed, linings that have ripped or stained. Or if something else needs attention that's NOT listed above: get in touch. We are happy to help!

Choosing to repair your bag, instead of replacing it, is kinder for the planet. 


Please note: PROOF OF PURCHASE is required for all repairs covered under our Lifetime Guarantee.