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What is glazed fabric?

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

Our glazed fabric is superior to any vinyl or faux leather you've ever seen.  In fact our glazed fabric is actually preferable to leather as it far more durable, lightweight, scratch-proof and rain-proof. We start with a woven Cotton/polyester canvas as a base, and then add a very thin durable coating of colored glaze. This glaze sinks into the fibers and allows it to develop a leather-like patina over time.
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our Metier tote goes on a snowy walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

After snowy walk across the Brooklyn Bridge last night, the Métier tote kept @thechristinad camera safe and dry
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my bags are lead free. . as if you even needed to ask.

Posted by Crystalyn Brennan on

Apparently, the Center for Environmental Health has found that hundreds of non-leather handbags contain high amounts lead, including (gasp!) Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.  The gals at Cool Mom picks recently clued me into the drama and have given … Continue reading


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Crystalyn Kae Brennan Crystalyn is a handbag designer in Brooklyn, NY. Her sustainable luxury handbags are made in USA with ethically-sourced leather and unique vintage fabrics. Read more »

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