Deliver Delight - our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Deliver Delight - our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Finding a gift that will make a statement and show your appreciation is not always so easy to do, especially when shopping on a budget. No fear- we have put together some special holiday sets that you will love. Click the image below to see our ideas!
our sustainable holiday gift guide
Finding a gift that will make a statement and show your appreciation is not always so easy to do, especially when shopping on a budget. No fear- we have put together four special holiday gift sets that you will love!
gift guide
A Mom's Best Friend
Razzle, dazzle and shine! In need of a good statement piece? We have got you covered. Dress for success while pairing this eye-catching Bossa Nova cross body cherry glazed gem. Introducing a gift set we absolutely love!

This set includes:
* Medium Bossa Nova cross body bag in a stunning cherry glaze 
* a Velvet Vines small coin pouch,
* Ivory slim wallet,
* headphone tacos in gray glaze,
* french knot keychain in matching gray glaze.

Mom will know she raised you right.
Time of the season to treat your BFF
We totally understand the pressure of  holiday season shopping. So we created the Cha Cha mini grab and go gift set. It is the perfect gift for your sister, best friend, daughter or youself (always treat yourself). There is nothing more stylish than being a smart, informed shopper- you can do so by picking this gift set that is sustainably produced made with upcycled materials.

This set includes: 
*  Cha Cha Mini Crossbody in black glaze
*  Ivory slim wallet
* French Knot keychain in wine
* Headphone taco in wine.

(Cue the best Holiday season ever).

We wish you the gift of monochromatics 

Introducing your new favorite bag bundle that will keep you thriving all winter long. Can you say water resistant? Machine washable? Yes, and yes. This delightful machine washable tote is accompanied by 100% upcycled metallic goodies!

This set includes:
* Black Metier Totes
* Slim wallet in Olive recycled leather
 * Metallic headphone taco
* Gold flat keychain 
* Small bronze small valet pouch

Be prepared to hear, "Where'd you get that?" from all your family and friends.  (Not to mention, all of our bags offer a 100% guarantee on quality. If you ever have an issue, send it to us and we will fix it for free :-*)

Elegance, style and class

Feel the crisp air on your face, not weight of a bulky backpack on your back! Our extremely lightweight Ameile backpack is a Crystalyn Kae best seller! Nothing beats its spacious interior, multiple storage pockets, and beautiful brown ale finish.

This set includes:
*Ale Brown Amelie Backpack
*Butterscotch glazed Headphone taco
* a slim pearl blue wallet
* Navy black glaze French Knot keychain
* Blue Velvet Medallion Small Valet pouch 

Per usual, Crystalyn Kae has designed all of her products with a sustainable consciousness-  so no shoppers' guilt here! 

You've seen the goods, now pick your favorite

Bring a Crystalyn Kae Gift Set with you to your next Holiday Celebration!



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