And the winner, or should I say “winners” are . . . . .



Thank you to everyone who posted their responses to the question: “What makes Crystalyn Kae different from major designer brands?”  58 (and counting) of you submitted your comments (and even a poem!) expressing why you choose to support independent designers like myself.  Since it was incredibly difficult to pick just one winner . . . I have decided to to announce two grand-prize winners, and two honorable-mention winners who will get a free clutch of their choice!   

The first grand prize winner is Diane !!  Congrats, you can choose ANY bag from my website!!

As I become more informed of the practices used by the major companies, I realize that with every purchase I make, I am actually voting with my dollars. I chose to support as many ethical businesses as possible, to buy products made in the USA, to buy non-sweatshop, cruelty-free items. I happily support Crystalyn Kae. Her handbags are unique, excellent quality and fit into my way of living. Whether I send her tons of emails pertaining to a special order, or simply place an order for a bag in stock, she is always gracious, helpful, and professional. Also, I am happy to see her promoting other designers handmade work as well. If it were not for her, I would have never known about Etsy!

The second grand prize winner is Liz !!  Congrats, you can choose ANY bag from my website!!

The benefit of carrying a Crystalyn Kae handbag transcends appearance and functionality. It became about supporting an independent artist and designer And I think of her every day—because since buying my first Crystalyn Kae handbag, I haven’t carried another brand.

The result is, I’m aware—and appreciative in a way I never was before—of how many amazingly talented people are producing work and selling it through sites like Etsy. I knew they existed before I started buying Crystalyn Kae handbags, but I didn’t appreciate how great it feels to buy something handmade, by someone you can get to know personally. And now I shop from other independent designers, too! It’s about beauty, it’s about function, and it’s about community. That’s the benefit I get from carrying a Crystalyn Kae handbag.

Congratulations to Sara!  You win a clutch of your choice from my website!

I love having a bag that is unique and without labels; the only message I want to send when I carry my bag is that I have style! I also love having a bag that is made in Seattle by someone who is using their creativity to do what they love in a sustainable way. Lastly, who wouldn’t love a bag that is washable, waterproof and customizable?


Congratulations to Allie!  You win a clutch of your choice from my website!

Crystalyn truly went above and beyond for me. You would never see customer service like that from another vendor, whether they were a big name-brand label or an itty-bitty independent. But of course, it’s all about the bags, and I love mine. The quality is bar none, the lining is soft and never pills, the pockets are absolute perfection, and it is the most comfortable, easy-to-access bag I have ever carried — which is, sadly, something I cannot say about any of the other designer bags in my collection.


Thank you all again for participating in the discussion!  I love you all and appreciate your support so much!

 (p.s. don’t forget that the 15% off sale with code “summertime” expires August 31. )

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