2010 a recap in words and pictures

2010 a recap in words and pictures

Before I plunge in headfirst to this new year, I thought I would share my highs and lows of 2010 – it’s been a doozy!

On the bright side:

  1. I introduced the much-anticipated Mini-Soiree bag in a rainbow of colors.
  2. Traveled to New York City, Maui, and Vegas within a 2 month window. But none of those adventures could top our week-long ‘stay-cation’ here in the Pacific Northwest Coast. It proved to be the most relaxing and inspiring trip in recent memory.
  3. My parents helped us with some serious upgrades to my garage-turned-workshop
  4. We turned a truck-full of rocks into a english cobblestone yard, and got plants into the ground just before the fall rains came.

But not all was daisies and roses. . .I also had 3 significant setbacks that have proven to be learning experiences of sorts:

  1. I slipped off a rock at a difficult snorkeling entry in Maui, seriously dislocating my finger. Not having health insurance, it has been an expensive and slow healing process. I am grateful that I could have been worse.  As for sewing, I’m learning to work around it.
  2. I had to say goodbye to my furry friend Corgan, who passed away after 13 years together. I had no idea that losing a pet would be so hard.
  3. I over-ambitiously took on too many custom projects, and ran out of some of my best-sellers during the holiday season.  I’m going to be playing catch-up for a while, but I will not make this mistake again.

I certainly consider 2010 to be a success.  Perhaps I didn’t accomplish everything that I set out to do: I’ve always been guilty of having great expectations. But nevertheless, these lofty goals are the fuel that keeps me motivated,  looking ahead to 2011.


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