a sewing machine walks into a bar: Fashion Feud

a sewing machine walks into a bar: Fashion Feud

I recently had the chance to see my friend and talented designer Tina “Glamspoon” Witherspoon’s fashion design genius at Fashion Feud: which is like a live version of Project Runway, minus the over-produced drama.  For this competition, each designer was given a bag of fabrics, a model and a hair & makeup stylist. . and one hour to complete a chic dress.  In front of a live audience. . in a bar.  Yikes.

I was impressed by Tina’s ability to stay focused in such a noisy environment and complete a finished (gorgeous!) dress within one hour. And as you’ll see in the last photo, the finished product was the pure essence of the Glamspoon aesthetic: bohemian chic. Not surprisingly, Tina’s design won, and she will go on to compete in the Fashion Feud finals on May 18th at Citrus Bar in South Lake Union . This will be a rare opportunity to watch fashion designers create on the spot – and sip on a drink with the Seattle night skyline as a backdrop. . .what’s not to love?



just a girl and her sewing machine


the tools of the trade



the finishing touches before judging


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