something tells me this was a very good idea

something tells me this was a very good idea

Wow, thank you to everyone who came to my 10 year anniversary sale at my studio last weekend. It was an overwhelming success – and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my awesome neighbors, family and loyal customers!

The night before the event I plastered the neighborhood with flyers. . . my poor staple gun died halfway through the barrage. My neighbors helped me clear out the courtyard, ditching our garbage cans into a garage and hefting my pop-up tent outside.  Early the next morning I  opened up the garage door and began setting up. I spotted a few early birds hovering for a deal, but thankfully they waited until 9:59 to walk down the driveway. The morning was a blur, selling bags and re-arranging my display with new merchandise – without a bathroom or lunch break in sight. Thankfully, my sister in law managed to pull herself away from customers to picked up some fruit & pasta salad for me to nibble on between sales. Then my fellow London study-abroad roommate Emily surprised me with a visit and stayed the rest of the day running credit cards and helping customers.

Not only was it my best day of sales in 10 years of business, but I also gained much-needed feedback. This is the first time I’ve invited customers into my studio to test out my rough-draft bags in progress and I am tremendously inspired to finish work on several new bag styles.

And if you missed this sale, I have a feeling I’ll be doing it again one of these days. In the meantime,  your next chance is at next month’s Urban Craft Uprising July 9 & 10. Or check out the new sale section on my site.

(p.s. Since it was so hectic, I was unable to take a single photo – thankfully Emily and the lovely Tina (of Glamspoon fame) took these photos. . thank you ladies!)


one of a kind bags galore!


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