Coating a vintage fabric

Coating vintage fabric

coatingvintagefabric on Flickr.

the owner of this photographed bag-in-progress stopped by my booth at Urban Craft Uprising to say thank you… It’s like hearing from an old friend.

In case you are not familiar what coated canvas means, and are curious to learn more, check out this blog post. I'm explaining everything with examples, images and even videos!

large-valet-pouch from coated canvas
Metier tote from coated canvas


If you are passionate about sustainability, circular economy, and vintage bags, check out our upcycled bags made from vintage fabrics!

Pouch from vintage fabric
Mini Troubadour tote from vintage fabric

The vintage fabric itself has always been fascinating to me and I'm constantly feeling inspired coming up with various projects, that can come through it! Look here to see what I've come up with so far.

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